Services Offered
Services and TEAM EP Fitness
I provide all potential clients with a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your individual goals and requirements. This is a comprehensive meeting where we discuss previous exercise experience and why previous programs failed, nutrition and current body composition and goal setting. I then help you to determine the best mix of TEAM EP offerings to best suit your goals, lifestyle and budget.

You are able to “mix and match” from the offerings to best suit your individual needs. Some clients will attend one of the Boot Camps and also have a One on One Personal Training session giving them some individual attention and the social interaction of the boot camp. Some clients will choose a One on One Personal Training session and the Program Design so they are able to work out on their own with a program that meshes with their training regime, ability and goals. Many clients also add the option of Nutritional Counselling to further enhance results.

My facilities are very unique. Members are comfortable as it’s a very non threatening environment, and provides lots of motivation, encouragement, challenge and variety. No one is watching you excercise, no one cares what you’re wearing, if you have make up on or if your hair is done. I welcome you to book a consultation and tour my studio. Tequila is the mascot here and she loves to greet everyone as they arrive each and every time!
Boot Camp
  It’s important to add variety to your workouts based on the F.I.T.T. principle. These components of a workout are: Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. When you change one or more of these components it challenges your body to keep it from adapting to the same repetitions of exercise over and over, helping avoid the plateaus we all face from time to time.

A perfect example of changing up your routine and combining both weight training and cardio is the regular aerobics group. I’ve seen the same people for as long as 3 years going to the same classes time and time again and not seeing any visible changes to the composition of their bodies. Don’t get me wrong, they are there and they are exercising and exercising hard. Many have stopped me and asked how come my body has changed so dramatically and they still look the same. The answer is simple, they haven’t changed their routine. I couldn’t imagine working hard for 3 years and not seeing results. Also remember, what you eat can attribute to 80% of your results. Exercise does not compensate for a poor diet and I also provide nutritional tips and talk about nutrition during every session.

I have created an affordable alternative for those who enjoy the class atmosphere or those who aren’t interested in joining a gym but want some variety in their workouts. Welcome to Boot Camp! Of all the services I provide, this is my absolute favourite.

One of my goals was to provide a small group with one on one coaching with a workout that is different each and every time. The problem I have with group classes is that an instructor cannot safely instruct a crowded group people while they exercise themselves. The second issue with classes is they are usually the same format for a few months at a time. This allows your body to adapt to the repetitive nature of the classes causing your body to plateau but also seems quite boring to me.

My solution is to run small group classes (maximum 6 and at this time women only, sorry guys). The participants rage in age varies greatly as does their skill level. Everyone works at their own pace and I pay individual attention to each and every member throughout the workout spotting and coaching. This is not my workout it is for my members however, sometimes I’ll issue a squat or push up challenge and it’s always rewarding to see someone beat me at my own game.

Most classes are outdoors (weather permitting) however during the winter months, the mid-week classes are indoors. The outdoor winter classes are incredible! Snow provides us with extra cardio and fat burning that is second to none! Honestly, you also can’t beat the scenery during any season. All of these variables give me the flexibility to vary the workout, change the weights, sets and reps, rest and amount of cardio that each member will tackle during an individual class thus keeping within the F.I.T.T. principles while also incorporating both weight training and cardio for a full body workout. The photos here are some of my “regulars” and we’ve become quite familiar with the walkers in the conservation area. As the photos show, this is not your run of the mill class. I use whatever I find in the conservation area and turn it into exercise equipment. I’ll use anything from bridge railings, to parking curbs, to picnic tables. The beach provides an awe inspiring setting for our upper body weight training.

For indoor classes, I have a small studio that’s great for floor work, some free weights (weights and mats supplied), and some circuit training. I also have the option of the training studio downstairs. Here participants are coached with the proper form and technique for use of the equipment and have the ability to try out gym equipment in a supervised environment. This is ideal for those that don’t go to a gym giving them the ability to expand beyond body resistance and free weight training.

Conditioning Camps
  This is all indoors (there may be a cardio circuit outdoors weather dependent from time to time) but it’s a great way to boost your current workout program! An hour of gut busting resistance, core and conditioning training pushing you to your max!!! Maximum 6 people, circuit training, cardio circuits including resistance training!

Current Camp offerings include the following days/times. This schedule will change based on demand so please contact me directly for updates and openings. Boot Camp classes are generally 1 hour long however please allow for 90 minutes as some times we do run a bit longer based on the program or the group’s needs. As space is available, there may be the flexibility to transfer from time to time from one Boot Camp to another program offering during the week . Please see me for availability.
Monday 8:00 pm - “Upper Body” Boot Camp – Advanced, upper body and abs focus
Tuesday 6:30 pm -“Baby” Boot Camp – beginner to intermediate level, full body
Wednesday 9:30 am - 50+ Boot Camp - beginner to intermediate level, full body
Wednesday 7:15 pm - Leg Camp - Advanced Level, all legs
Thursday 7:00 pm - “Mommy” Boot Camp - beginner to intermediate level, full body
Saturday 8:00 am - Advanced Boot Camp, full body - this camp is currently full. I do have a waiting list for those that would like to come from time to time when there is an open position. Some of these members have been attending for 5 years!

Personal Training
One on One
One on one sessions are for individuals that are serious and want real results! Individual programs are pre-determined based on preset goals. We as a TEAM are accountable for these goals and will review at preset time frames.
1 Hour Session
1 Hour sessions are more intense and will help you to get better results faster. All programs are based on your individual goals and exercise experience. Intensity will increase as your fitness level and ability increase providing you with a challenging workout each and every time.
½ Hour Session
½ hour sessions are also available for those new to exercise or those with a limited amount of time. All programs are individually written and are based on preset goals, fitness level, exercise experience and ability.
Semi Private Session
Sometimes it’s fun and more affordable to work out with a friend! These sessions are fun and help provide challenge, competition and motivation! All programs and exercises prescribed will suit the individuals focusing on the fact that you are two individuals with individual bodies, needs, goals and abilities.
Program Design
  This is for any level of exerciser from beginner to advanced levels. Some clients will train one on one with me once a week and want to train on their own at the gym or at home. This program takes into account your current needs and goals and takes into account your one on one training with a specialised program to challenge you while helping you achieve your fitness goals quickly and safely within your range of capabilities.

Customised program design is also available to clients that would like to exercise on their own but need either challenging routines or guidance to exercise safely with little or no instruction. This package provides a complete exercise program with a 1 hour instructional session included.

Nutritional Counselling
  I truly believe the role of nutrition is 80% of your results when it comes to fitness and reaching your fitness goals. This is not about ‘diet’, this is about a lifestyle change ensuring a balanced nutritional plan that contains all major macronutrients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This is also an educational program where you learn to make healthy food choices and food combining so that you are able to make better decisions when faced with social gatherings, business dinners and family outings.

Each program begins with a consultation where we discuss your current eating habits and lifestyle, take measurements and determine some goals and set dates to them to help ensure your success. We discuss food likes, dislike and ‘must haves’ and ‘can’t haves’. A nutritional plan is then individually created for YOU taking into account your BMR, your activity level, and YOUR body’s needs ensuring balanced, safe, long term, sustainable lifestyle changes.

Check in and adjustments are made 2X within a 12 week time frame depending on individual needs.

Competition Preparation
  I offer a full range of competition preparation packages designed entirely around each client’s individual needs. This includes some or all of the following: personal training, program design, complete nutritional and supplement guidance as well as posing, walking, stage presence coaching, suit selection, make up application and backstage coaching at your competition. Often times months of training and diet have been all for not with competitors who are not able to make the finished package shine on stage.

This is a team effort and together we will determine the best course of action for your competition preparation.